Kiddy Rides Safety and Fun


Kiddy Rides – Mixing playtime and learning time

Kiddy rides come in different attractive designs and colors. Whether it’s a scooter or car, kids immediately dash to the ride when they see one. Kiddy rides indirectly teaches kids to use their directional sense and be aware of their surroundings when they drive along corridors, obstacles indoors or outdoors. This is where the importance of play time comes into place.

They are also required to coordinate their hand and leg movements to enable their ride to move smoothly. Making the decision to brake, to increase speed, making a turn or u-turn are all part and parcel of the learning process on their kiddy rides.

We can teach our child park his car at its designated spot when the play time is over. A simple car wash to the kiddy ride can also emphasize the importance of cleanliness to our child.


Buying your kid his or her first kiddy ride

Whether it is to give your kid a pleasant surprise or you may have succumbed to their relentless pestering and persuasion, you have made that decision to buy one. Yes, a new kiddy ride for your precious.

Here are some pointers to look out for before buying that kiddy ride, check for age recommendations and weight limits.  Check out the steering wheel for coordination of the steering to the wheels. Check the ride for any loose fittings. Lastly, ensure that the engine or motor, adapter and batteries are all tested to be in good condition and consider if addition batteries are required.

When it’s finally time to present to your child, give proper instructions on the usage of the ride and how this ride is different from other toys as he is now in possession of a toy that can cause hurt or injury to others if misused. This could be the first step to educating your child on responsibilty.

kiddy ride bmw with opened doors

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