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Playing and Learning

Young children are most captivated by bright colours and this set of rainbow flashcards printables from 1 to 10 generates interest in young children to count.

2 blank cards are included to add other numbers as well.

Counting games are a great way to get your toddler engaged in numbers and Maths. Children are able to count a group of objects by way of touch and sight which enhances their sensory skills.

How to set up this rainbow counting activity 

You will need:
  • The free printable rainbow flashcards (link below)
  • 10 containers (eg. paper cups, plastic containers)
  • 55 small objects (eg. mini balls, coins, buttons etc)

How to play

Method 1
Once you have decided on the counting objects, get 10 containers for the counting object. Line up the rainbow flashcards against each container either in sequence or randomly.

Give your child all the 55 objects and have your child place the correct number of objects to the matching container.

Tip: Let your child count out loud as he places the objects into the containers to enhance his counting ability.

Method 2
If you are unable to find so many objects or containers, you can try this method.

What you will need:
  • The free printable rainbow flashcards (link below)
  • 1 container (eg. paper cups, plastic containers)
  • 10 small objects (eg. mini balls, coins, buttons etc)

Let your child hold the 10 objects but keep the set of rainbow flashcards in your hands and ask your child to pick one from your hands. He will then put the same number of objects into the container as the card he chose.

rainbow flash cards 8

Rainbow colours makes any counting activity more fun and inviting. We used colorful balls as objects here but you use any small objects in your house like buttons, mini toys or coins etc. Have a great time counting with your kids with these rainbow flash cards!

Download your free Rainbow Flashcards by clicking here!

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