By KM Diaz

Parents want the best for their kids; they want them to achieve their dreams, to become successful, and to be happy in life. But, how can they raise a happy kid? For some, the definition of happiness is associated with “financial” success because they believe parcel in achieving a comfortable life, which they assumed a factor to being happy. However, parents sometimes make unnecessary control over their children’s lives because of this.

Allowing a child to play is a huge factor in making them happy. Unicef said that children need more than an hour of daily playtime, meaning they should interact with peers and have the freedom to decide on how they want to spend their time – without adult interference. It should be noted. However, quality playtime does not include the use of gadgets.

This is not the case for children in Hong Kong, as per the South China Morning PostA study in 2017 conducted by the local YWCA has found that less than 50 percent of kids enjoyed such amount of playtime, about less than 29 percent had less than an hour, and 9 percent had none at all.

Hong Kong children were reportedly being brought up to be “winners” than being “happy.” Some parents in the city believe their child shouldn’t be left behind and be the winner at the starting line to become successful in life. Former president of Junior Chamber International Kowloon and an advocate of child welfare Nelson Lin said allowing a child to spend enough time to play could nurture their inquisitiveness, and it motivates them to learn.

Also, parents need to realize they are raising a child, not an adult, so they shouldn’t put too much pressure on them. They need to remember that children’s fundamental happiness is simply about being loved and free. That means they should live without inhibition, fear, and other negative emotions. When a child is allowed to be in charge of their lives for a limited amount of time per day, it could make them feel they are free of pressure, trusted, and love.

Moreover, playing with their peers also help them build connections, which is also a huge factor in promoting emotional well-being. It also gives them a sense of connection with the world outside, as well as with themselves inside. Thus, allowing a child to play could mold them to become healthy and confident adult, which is a key to long-term happiness.

This article, How To Raise A Happy Child: Playing Is Crucial Part Of Their Well-being originally appeared on Business Times


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