5 ways to create the best goodie bags

Goodie bags have become an essential item in a kids’ birthday party celebration. It leaves a feel good factor for both guest and host and a carefully thought out goodie bag can leave a lasting impression on your guests making your party stand out from the others

Here are some ways on creating the ultimate goodie bag that will bring a smile to both parents and kids.

Focus on personal touch

Everyone loves their own name, therefore whenever possible, try personalizing some items goodie bags.

Could it be a customized water bottle for each kid with their name on it?  It will serve as a useful item when they bring it to school with their names on the bottle itself. Kids will be using them and remembering the party for months down the road.

How about personalized key chain, pencil, files, eraser or even just a plush toy? The list goes on.
A little touch of personalization is always welcomed.

‘Out of the box’ packaging

Goodie bags might not actually come in a bag.

Depending on the theme of your party, you can think of creative ways to hold your goodie bag items.

A beach themed party can have goodie items in a sand castle making pail.

A dinosaur themed party can have giant eggs as container or flower basket for princess themed parties.

Give kids something to do. 

Depending on the age group of kids coming to your kid’s party. You can include kids activities items like alphabet or numbers matching or origami kits where they can play with during the party and also bring home.

If your budget allows, you can also provide props relevant to your theme for kids to role play during the party which is also a good souvenir to take home. Superhero capes, Princess Tiaras, sunglasses, weapon props or magic wands are usually suitable for most themes.

Food items always wins

Are you good in the kitchen? Try homemade cookies or muffins. A marshmallow treat would also be a good addition. Popcorns, chocolates and candies would also be a welcome replacement for parents concerned with adding to the list of toys or items at home.

A gentle reminder would be to take note of allergies the food items may cause to some kids.

Show appreciation

A party is not a party if there are no guests.

It would be thoughtful to add a ‘Thank You’ card or note in your Goodie bag to show your appreciation to your guests thanking them for taking time off to join in your celebration of this special day to you.

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